Trinity Life Church
TLC Ministries 

This is a ministry geared towards teens of TLC and teens in the community who are looking for spiritual guidance, friendship and fun. Gifted teens exist because TLC believes that young people are an integral part of the Church and its mission of reaching, teaching and helping.
TLC Children's ministry is designed to help children ages 2-11 discover who God is and what He has done. Children learn the stories of the Bible—from Genesis through Revelation—through age-appropriate activities that make the stories come alive. Children are also taught the mission of TLC in  reaching, teaching and helping. Not only do we have lots of fun and learn a lot in Children's Ministries, we do so in an intentionally safe environment. All volunteers have been thoroughly screened and trained.
Women of Virtue provides an avenue of fellowship and support for the women of TLC. The group also ministers to the needy in the broader church community.
Men of Integrity is a group of men committed to praying and growing strong and mighty as men of God. TLC offers the opportunity for men to grow and develop in their relationship with God, family and the community.
The Lazarus Project engages in Matthew 25:35-36 activities (food; shelter; clothing, sick, prison, and employment). Our goal is to enable the Body of Christ to share in mercy ministries for the hungry and homeless in our community in order to restore human dignity while earning the right through service to share the Gospel.
Sunday school renders religious education to people of all age groups and serve as a platform for people to come together for a common noble cause. It is the heartbeat of small groups at Trinity Life Church. The education imparted in Sunday schools is generally intended to promote Christian fellowship.
TLC BI was established to aid those who have a desire to grow closer to the Lord and to experience a greater command of God's Word through the diligent study of His Word.  TLC Bible Institute is open to Trinity Life Church members, nonmembers, leaders and clergy.

Reaching - Teaching - Helping