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FR. ANDRE MAHANNA said 3/27/2013 7:41:01 AM :
March 13, 2013
What Father Andre is saying about the new pope, Pope Francis I

“Pope Francis I will be a great instrument for peace between religions in the Middle East, he will be an instrumental pillar of security for the billions of people of goodwill, living in the Far East all the way to India and China. He will be a credible promoter of justice, freedom of religion, and for the rebuilding of the dignity of the human rights for people in Africa.

"Him being from Italian descent yet being elected from the furthest point in Argentina means he is the pope reconciliation. He is a pope who will bring the roots of the Catholic Church from the city of Rome to the ends of the earth, extending the roots to the branches.

"He comes from a worker family. He’s a cardinal of John Paul II, right after the new millennium, 2001, This means he’s the pope of new evangelization. Being an active Cardinal and a head of a diocese, (Buenos Aires) it means he has the charisma of a pastor not just as an administrator or bureaucrat only. He is the first pope, who from the balcony of St. Peter, had to pray for a pope emeritus, who is living 15 minutes away by helicopter, and not for a dead pope. This means Pope Francis I will be cognizant of the collegiality of the governments of the church. He was a head of a seminary, this means he will be a perfect formatter for the priests of the world to make sure priests are brought up with valid morality and zero tolerance to crimes against morality and sinful behavior by clergy. He is Jesuit priest, which means he knows well how to adapt faith to reason, theology to science, cultures and civilizations to evangelization.

"One of the most important factors he will bring into the church is his experience with Eastern Catholicism . Since he was and born and raised in Argentina of Latin America, a continent where the most vibrant cultural and spiritual forms of Catholicism are found, and being knowledgeable of the Eastern Church, and most of all coming out of the conclave as a surprise Pope whose Curriculum Vitae was never on the table of the “Papal Cardinals,” he could be a promising fruit of the collegiality of the bishops in the world – an expression for the success of the ardent faith of all eastern Patriarchs and western Prelates of the Catholic Church.

"I think the election of Pope Francis I, A Jesuit with a Franciscan Name for the First Time in the History of popes, it’s an opportunity for the entire Eastern and Western Church to take back the Universal church to its Apostolic roots, simple spirituality and divine Foundation in the Service of Charity and pure love.

"My hope is that He will be a Good shepherd who comes out straight from the Gospel of Christ, and from the farthest point of the earth to confirm again the true identity of the Church as Universal. He will be the echo of the validity of the existential sacrifices Christians have bore in all of the East and the deprived Western countries of Latin America after centuries of persecution and poverty. He is going to be a great reward for the historical aspirations of the blood of martyrs, refugees, persecuted Christians all over the historic Eastern Roman Empire and the New World, which was unknown to the Church for ages. He is a great sympathizer especially for the survivors from the evil genocides that took place in the last hundred years against Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in Irak, Armenians in Armenia and Turkey, Syria and elsewhere, the millions of good Jews and Christians who were killed under Hitler and his supporters, and most of all he comes as an answer that will stop the political and cultural persecution that has been going on in the Americas. So we pray that at this time the Lord is looking over his people.

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