Bishop Guy Washington
For a period of over 10 years Bishop Washington made his living selling drugs and ultimately became addicted to drugs himself. However, in the summer of 1980 Jesus Christ completely transformed his life from a pusher of dope to a preacher of hope! Having received the call and anointing of God on his life to proclaim liberty to the captives, Bishop Washington began carrying the message of God's power into drug rehabilitation centers, prisons, homeless shelters and on city streets. His ministry has born fruit wherever he's gone, with countless lives being touched and set free by the power of God! Since 1997 Bishop Washington has been serving as the full-time, Senior Pastor of Greater Peace Christian Church, located in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Bishop Washington lives in Austin  with his lovely wife, Stephanie and three beautiful children: Amber,Monique and Trey.Bishop Washington is the founder and president of Foundations for Generations, Inc., a newly formed non-profit organization. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Building Communities Against Substance Abuse (B-CASA). Bishop Washington has a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministry and is working towards his master's degree at the Austin Graduate School of Theology. After more than 20 years of life-changing, yoke-destroying ministry, Bishop Washington is still carrying the word of God's power today!



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